Stop wasting time trying to not only design, but also figure out what goes into a Welcome Book! This template allows you to drop your content right into it.



When I was a newbie to the Airbnb business and although my background is in graphic design, it took me a while to figure out what goes into a Welcome Book and all the steps in between. Since then, I’ve developed templates and processes that helped streamline the business so I can focus more on growing the business instead of figuring out how to respond to the same questions over and over again.


Typing on a Computer

If you want to:

  • save time from creating your house manual from scratch.

  • respond to guests in a diplomatic manner.

  • protect yourself with the use of contracts.

  • start an arbitrage business.

  • spend weeks figuring out what goes into a house manual.

  • try and figure out what to say to guests who are difficult.

  • get stressed out because you have no idea where to start.

  • waste time creating a document that’s badly designed.

But don't want to:

AND you don't know...

📣  what to say when starting an arbitrage business.

✍️  what to write when creating your listing on Airbnb, how to determine your target audience and decorate your vacation rental.

📣  how to explain Airbnb’s rating system.

📝  what to write for a welcome/check-out letter or respond to guests.

If this sounds familiar…

and you are ready to begin your Airbnb journey today...

then this is for you!




95+ pages of templates with you in mind


Build your welcome book

It's 20 pages and contains the key sections you need in your welcome book.


Protect & respond

Protect yourself using any of our five contracts and respond diplomatically using any of our 12 message templates.


Ready to start?

But wait! Do you need investors or a loan? Chances are, you also may need a business plan to pitch to potential business partners or when trying to obtain a loan from the bank. This bundle includes this as well!


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