Stop wasting time trying to not only design, but also figuring out what goes into an Employee Manual! This template allows you to drop your content right into it.



When starting a small business, you need to have certain policies in place along with forms for employees to fill out. Instead of creating your own, a number of templates have been created specifically with you in mind, the new business owner.


I decided to develop templates that can help streamline your business so you can focus more on growing the business instead of figuring out how to policy manuals and documents. I just made your job slightly easier.


Typing on a Computer

If you want to:

  • build and grow your business.

  • save time from creating your own forms and manuals.

  • just drop your content into the appropriate documents.

  • turn documents into fillable forms once edited to your liking.

  • keep track of employee information.

  • keep a consistent look with all your documents.

  • spend weeks figuring out what goes into employee contracts.

  • try and figure out documents that employees need to sign when starting at a company.

  • get stressed out because you have no idea where to start.

  • waste time creating documents that are badly designed.

But don't want to:

AND you don't know...

📣  how to get reimbursed for company equipment not returned when remote workers are no longer employed at the company.

✍️  what to write in a social media policy.

📝  how to collect emergency contacts from employees.

If this sounds familiar…

and you are ready to begin your small business  journey today...

then this is for you!




45+ pages of templates with you in mind


Build your Employee Handbook

It's 25 pages and contains the key sections you need in your Onboarding Manual.


Organise & systemise

Set yourself up to capture the information when onboarding a new employee. Document the processes with these fully editable and well designed documents.

Ready to start?

But wait! I hope you didn't forget about social media policies. Social media is a big thing and you do not want employees posting on your behalf. Be sure to implement policies to protect your company using our policy template. What's even better is that the policy already has text!


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