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Creating another stream of income

Most are looking for ways to make additional income, and i'm no different.

For the last year or so, like many others, I have been thinking about how I can make an additional buck or two. Thus far, I created a locally branded apparel line and operated an Airbnb as I wanted a break from being a landlord. Both were successful, but the pandemic, like many other business and other factors caused me to adjust and rethink everything. I mean, living in a pandemic really made me sit still and think. I really thought about what I want in life. Besides, we only have one life to live. With less time on my hands now that I am a parent, I needed something that works for my schedule. Each idea I came up with, I just wasn’t into, or I couldn’t see how I could make it work. I kept thinking, how can I make Graphic Design work, outside of me doing work for a client? Then it hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks! Why didn’t I think about this sooner! PRINTABLE TEMPLATES! I stumbled upon printables some time ago while I was operating my Airbnb as I used a template for my Welcome kit for guests. #Printables is artwork that you can download online and print yourself.

A light bulb went off! Use the designs I created for my t-shirt line to sell as prints that customers can download, print and then frame themselves. Most of the work was done and this was a great way to maximize the value of the artwork I had already created. Actually, this is a great way for any designer to make money off of artwork they already have laying around. If you think about it, with the use of technology, why not leverage designs to their fullest potential and use them for multiple uses. In addition to the designs I already created, with my knowledge of operating an #Airbnb, I then decided to create templates for those that operate and/or manage a #VacationRental.

The challenge

The biggest hurdle for those in jurisdictions such as Bermuda, where I am located, is finding an eCommerce marketplace with a built in customer base like #Etsy, which allows you to get paid directly to your account or even your PayPal account (although you can not move your funds to your bank account). For instance, marketplace sites like Etsy already have a built in customer base. This makes it easier to sell your product, versus having a standalone website that connects to a payment gateway system. The search was on. I landed on using Creative Market and Envato. Keep in mind, there are a number of sites out there that can be used that are similar. Unlike many other sites, to list on Creative Market, you have to submit a portfolio, it is reviewed and a review team decides whether or not your designs are good enough to list on their site. If you decide to go with any of these sites, be sure to check out their rates so you can price accordingly.

If you are in the market of looking for printables for your vacation rental or #Bermuda home decor, check out my printables page today!

Are you looking to make additional income?

If you are looking to make additional income, think about what you are good at. It could be anything from writing resumes to painting. If you say to yourself, you are not an expert or you are not good enough in comparison to those that are already in that profession. One word of advice, STOP! Think of the glass as half full. There are people that will know less than you and perhaps they will find your services valuable. Do not doubt yourself. JUST START THE BUSINESS! Besides, what do you have to lose?

Now let the fun begin.

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