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Three reasons you should be using templates

My business Dropping Anchor has evolved over the years from starting out as an online tour booking company, concierge business, selling online Bermuda branded apparel to now selling printables and templates.

As COVID made me think about creating a business that is digital, I always landed on Graphic Design. Additionally, after using templates for my #Airbnb business I gained insight into the industry. Combining the two, I now have moved into the digital space, where I no longer have to worry about shipping delays and quality control of products.

This month, lets go deeper into the use of templates.

With so many people entering the entrepreneurial space in order to create financial freedom, streamlining your business so it runs efficiently is key and templates can help with this. Time is the most valuable asset anyone has and templates can help free up time in order to keep stress levels low.

Templates can come in various forms. This can range from social media templates, website templates, email templates, business plan templates, welcome book templates and more. The list is endless. If you haven’t thought about using templates, let’s explore how they can make your life easier with these key tips:

  1. Provides a consistent look - When operating a business, having a consistent look sets the tone on how professional you are. Consistency can range from, having the same type of filters on a set of photos (Instagram pages), using a set of colors (brand pallet), utilization of the same font throughout the document or even having a similar layout throughout a document. Using these elements provides structure and uniformity and with uniformity, this can assist with impressing potential clients, which in turn, can lead to more business.

  2. Save money and time - There are times when budgets are tight and you simply cannot afford to hire a graphic designer to create and tailor a document to your brand. Additionally, you may not even have the creative touch to create a professional looking document yourself. Therefore, templates are the perfect solution. Designing something from scratch takes time. With templates, the layout is created for you, which saves you time and they are usually inexpensive, which also saves you money. All that’s left is for you is to change the colors to reflect your brand and you add your content. Templates serve as a cost-effective tool that you can use over and over again depending on what it is.

  3. Ease of use - Templates are easy to use. With platforms such as Canva (which my templates are created in), they are made for those that do not have any design experience. With the use of templates, depending on what you are creating, you can have your document ready within minutes! With the templates I create for the Airbnb market, I provide my clientele with options. They have access to a number of Welcome Book templates and that’s how it should be. Using templates should be easy for the user and providing them with choices to use something that closely represents their brand.

There you have it. These are my top three reasons why you should be using templates for your business.

So now you have these templates and you start dropping your content into the document. You want to make some improvement but not sure where to start. Or, you have manipulated the document so much that it now looks unprofessional. Don’t worry, I have created a FREE 4-day email course on how to improve the design of your presentation.

In this course, I will cover:

  1. Hierarchy of typography;

  2. Effective use of white space;

  3. How to use imagery effectively in your presentations; and

  4. Effective use of color.

Why should you sign up? I did mention my background is in Graphic Design right! Check out the course today by visiting:

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